Butterfly Garden

Welcome to Chitrapatang Butterfly Garden

Chitrapatang Butterfly Garden is just not a mere garden but a dream to experience the entire lifecycle of butterflies, observe different types of butterflies and enjoy the congregation of large number of butterflies. This is achieved by studying the habitat of butterflies and planting the required nectar plants, host plants and rooster plants. The joy of being with these butterflies is incomparable and beyond words. This special garden for the butterflies is developed within the farm and In the attempt of creating awareness of such a beauty of nature, Chitrapatang Butterply Garden has been developed in over 2 acres of area and maintained at Vanrai Farmhouse which is registered it with the help MTDC.
The garden witness over 60 types butterflies and at time more than 2000 butterflies congregate in the butterfly garden. We take efforts to educate people especially the school kids about butterfly eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult emerge and butterfly. This may seem like a daunting task, but our bugs and tour guides can win over even the most skeptical visitor

Butterfly Garden Glimpses

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  • 1. Demonstration of Life cycle
  • 2. Watching various types of Butterflies

  • 1. Congregation of Butterfly
  • 2. Beautiful flowers and flowering plants
  • 3. Selfie point