Our forefathers have been in the agriculture field and their main occupation was farming. Land being in-sufficient to fulfil the family needs they had to move to full time employment in various institutes. Although we moved to the urban area for professional services, our heart was always inclined towards nature’s beauty in the rural area. Our liking for agriculture didn’t allow us to be at rest which resulted in buying an agricultural land of around 6 acres almost 20 years back. The sole intention was to be with the nature and develop ourselves in the field of agriculture.

Initially we developed the property by planting over 500 mango trees, few banana trees and other trees. Our increased visits and stay at the farm gave us an opportunity to explore beauty by observing different type of insects, reptiles etc. We were fascinated by various types of butterflies seen in our farm but were a bit disappointment as they were not many in number and did not stay long in the farm.

We further studied the habitat of the butterflies and planted additional nectar plants, host plants and rooster plants and developed special garden for the butterflies in 2 acres space within the farm. Special care was taken and only using organic fertilizers and no chemical pesticides were used in the entire farm. The use of cattle manure for fertilizers and Cow urine based pesticides helped us achieve our goals. It took us over 3 years to develop the garden. This increased the number and types of butterflies to the garden and also increased the residence time of butterflies in the garden.

This encouraged us to study more on the biodiversity and we completed courses on Biodiversity and Butterflies through BNHS.

Currently over 60 types of more than 2000 butterflies congregate in the butterfly garden. The entire lifecycle can be seen in the Chitrapatang butterfly garden. In the attempt of creating awareness of such a beauty of nature we created Vanrai Farmhouse and registered it with the help MTDC.

This was added with the arrangement of comfortable stay, traditional outdoor games, swimming pool, star gazing and mouth savoring food at Vanrai Farmhouse.

We are happy to see the overwhelming response by ever increasing visitors/tourist to our farmhouse and getting closer to the nature.